Rich B. (Ill)
Year after year brian keeps spoiling us with great hunts. It is to the point world class hunting as a great price! From geese in the layout blinds in the am. To pothole hunting mallards all day and into the evening. Brian and AGO are the pro's to go with..

Serg S (Ill)
If you have never hunted mallards and geese in a snow storm, you have not hunted in Manitoba. Three solid days with more shooting than any trips to prior destinations. Brian is a pro-guide from early mornings to late scouting evenings, the equipment is the best and desire to be the best guide are why we go back every year!

Tim O, (Mo)
You cannot compete with mother nature but brian professional experience made it a great trip north of the border, from potholes, to breaking ice we smashed ducks, putting us in so many hinting situations was another bonus as our dog's worked hard. Look forward to doing it again in the future. God Bless

Brain F., MO
Good hunting when weather was good for hunting. We had all the stuff we needed. I recommend Brian lots! When the weather was good we seen big number's of birds, cannot wait to go again.